Things To Avoid When Choosing A Carpet Cleaning Company

You spent all of that time choosing the long lasting carpet that you had installed in your home so it just makes good sense that you spend at least half of that time choosing the right carpet cleaning company. There are plenty of them out there, each one touting themselves as better than all the rest and offering crazy deals on their services. Deals that may be too good to pass up.

Unfortunately, some of those deals are indeed too good be true and you should pass them up without hesitation, because many carpet cleaning companies can offer you a great price and then jack that price up once they get to your home or severely restrict aspects of service unless you pay more for them. Of course, none of this is mentioned ahead of time.

You also have to watch out for companies that use harmful cleansers that are not safe for you and your family and don’t guarantee their work. Yes it’s true that you have a number of pitfalls to navigate past when it comes to finding the right carpet cleaning company. But we’re going to help you do just that by explaining what you need to avoid when the time comes to call the right cleaning service.


This is the most common problem that consumers run into when they seek out a reliable carpet cleaning service. They choose a company based solely on price and why not, we all want to pay less for the things we need and most of us would rather save our money for something a little more fun and exciting than getting the carpets cleaned.

But when you make your selection based solely on cost, you’re putting your carpets at risk. You’ve heard the phrase “you get what you pay for” and when you go with the lowest bidder, well, that adage is often more than apt.

The reason being that many unscrupulous companies will get you to hire them based on a low price or an “introductory rate” but when the technicians arrive you realize that price they quoted you is for a single-process cleaning. This is basically useless as carpets can only be fully cleaned using dual-process cleaning which is far more expensive. So you’re really paying that company to do nothing.

Some companies will also low-ball their prices because they are using cheap equipment and products to clean your carpets which could actually harm them instead of the clean them, not to mention the potentially allergic or harmful effects those can have on your and your family.

Money-back Guarantee

You should always ask your carpet cleaner if they guarantee their services by offering your money back should you be unsatisfied with the work that was performed. When a company knows they hold no responsibility or culpability in a job well done by putting their remuneration at risk, they may be less likely to put their heart and soul into the work.

But if you are not happy with the service you shouldn’t be expected to pay for it, so seek out a carpet cleaning company that is more than willing to guarantee their services. Be careful however, some companies that do offer a guarantee may have limitations and restrictions on it, rendering it all but worthless.

Ask plenty of questions when it comes to this aspect of their service and if they do have a money-back guarantee, be sure it’s easy to understand and you get it in writing.

Ask Around

Here’s another common mistake that consumers make each and every day, they fail to get references on a company before hiring them to do the work. But this research is absolutely critical for choosing the best carpet cleaner in your area because the commentary from satisfied or dissatisfied previous clientele will say so much more about their services than any marketing campaign.

Besides, you want an unfiltered opinion of a company’s merits and you will get it from customers who have hired the company before you. So be sure to ask for references from any carpet cleaner you are considering hiring and if they refuse or they are unable to give those to you, walk away. You’re just asking for problems.

Safe Materials

Finally, you want to be sure to avoid any carpet cleaner that does not use safe, all-natural cleansers for getting your carpets cleaned. Avoid those harsh detergents and chemicals as they can be detrimental to your carpet and they can have adverse effects on the well-being of everyone who lives in the home.

In order to avoid all of these pitfalls and perils for choosing your carpet cleaning company, just give Chem-Dry carpet cleaning Livingston a call. We won’t give you a bait and switch price, we only use the safest cleansers, we have references you can pursue, and we offer a money-back guarantee on all of our work.