Make Your Living Space an Enviable Paradise with an Art Deco Armchair

Everybody has that unique place that he/she considers special and will always invite important friends for a glass of wine. It will not take you long to realize that such thrills are rocked by an art deco armchair. These are special seat designs from the 1920s and 1930s that targets to deliver a special sense of affluence and sophistication. From the Oval Office in the White House to Bali’s five-star hotels, the contemporary armchair is the defining piece.

Why the contemporary reclaimed armchair?

The art deco armchair is not just a chair. It is a priceless piece that pools the best that history has to offer. The design was first created in the 1920s before spreading across the globe where top designers preferred it to denote wealth and sophistication. In a few decades, the spread featured numerous improvements that made the contemporary armchairs more elegant and irresistible. Here are some of the top features of the reclaimed armchair you should expect.

  • A sleek design that makes the contemporary armchair fit well even on limited spaces. 
  • A curvy outlook that makes the armchairs highly appealing to the eyes.
  • Unique two-tone colors that create a rustic contrast matching with most styles.
  • A special sense of energy flow from materials and patterns used on art décor armchairs flowing seamlessly to provide continuity on your living space.

How to turn the living space into a paradise with a reclaimed armchair

  1. Start by picking the era that you want to bring to the living room

The art deco armchair is all about digging into past eras design styles. There are those who prefer the contemporary armchairs of the mid-20s, 1930s, or other eras. Every era comes with unique patterns, finishes, and even pop colors that will make your space outstanding. Remember that the contemporary designs also allow users to enrich their options with modern outlooks.

  1. Go for the reclaimed armchair that articulately matches the house architecture

The contemporary chair you select needs to articulately match with the mainstream installations in the house. While it is true that top contemporary armchairs such as the Kimono Chair, Aviator Tomcat Chair or Wall Street Chair will easily match with most interior décor, it is advisable to work on striking a perfect balance between the chair, rags, and wall art. If you are unsure of the perfect pieces to go for, compare the different eras with what you want.

  1. Look for contemporary lighting to enhance the living room style

If the contemporary armchair in your living room is satisfactory, there is a great way of enhancing its thrill using vintage lighting.  You could opt for the contemporary metal arc floor lamp that comes with a large lampshade which was very popular in the 1970s for its enhanced richness. You could also go for the aluminum into wall fixtures of the 1960’s. The lighting should help to draw the attention of the contemporary armchair and other enthralling features in the room.

  1. Go for the accessories that help to bring out the contemporary appeal

The enthralling contemporary outlook you want can be enhanced using additional accessories on the same room with art deco armchair. The most memorable contemporary London apartments of the 1960s featured contemporary clocks and eccentric collections. Consider bringing the same rich accessories to make your living space irresistible. Note that you can also achieve this effect through contemporary colors that yield that nostalgic outlook to your space.

  1. Adopt high contrast and textiles in the contemporary armchair space

There is nothing that shouts contemporary like high contrast textiles and colors. The 60’s and 70s were awesome eras of high voltage prints, lava lamps, and dynamic shapes. Colors such as turquoise, yellow, and purple were highly fashionable. Now, bring this taste into your contemporary room with reclaimed armchair using upholstered headroom designed from velour and even shag rug.