How To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Roof

Americans spend over half of their utility dollar on heating and cooling expenses every year. That is a pretty significant amount of money being dedicated towards energy costs. Is your roof up to the task of ensuring that you’re getting the most of your spend?

We often talk about windows lacking in energy efficiency, allowing you to literally throw money out of them as your expensive climate-controlled air escapes to the outside world.

But we don’t talk enough about maintaining the energy efficient properties of the roof of the home. Maybe most folks just aren’t aware of how much of a role the roof plays in keeping your home warm or cool. Well it’s true, a roof with inadequate energy-efficient properties can allowing for more heat to get in the home during the summer and escape from it in the winter.

That’s why it pays, literally, to improve the energy efficiency of your roof. Here are some ways to do just that, so you can save more money on your home heating and cooling costs:

Proper Materials

One of the experts from decatur roofing can come out and inspect the condition of your roof, checking to see what materials were used in its construction.

If you continue to pay high utility bills year in and year out, it might mean that you need to consider replacing the roof with another made of more energy-efficient materials. Shingles may be a popular choice with roofers and homeowners alike, but metal roofing can bring you a substantial savings on your energy bills.

Sufficient Insulation

One of the most common methods for maintaining peak energy efficiency is to ensure that the insulation in the home has been installed properly and provides ample protection from allowing warm and cool air to escape.

Most older homes were built with less insulating than newer homes but if you want to maintain a cool roof in the summer and a warm roof in the winter, be sure to have your insulation inspected so that you know you’re ready for the seasons with the most extreme temperatures.

Roof Coating

Much like the insulation on the inside of the roof, you can also have a special protective coating applied to the exterior so as to increase the energy efficiency more effectively. This isn’t something you can do yourself, you need to call in the experts to perform this type of work.

This coating also offers UV protection and sealing properties to help keep water and moisture from permeating the roof and causing any water damage.

You can find a variety of different types of coating available, all designed to reduce heating costs and keep the roof cool. This option will also provide a safeguard from the hot sun beating down and causing unnecessary wear and tear.

There are plenty of choices available for deciding on the right coating for your home. But all of them can help to extend the life of your roof and help you save money on repair or replacement costs in the long run.